CallidusCloud (previously Callidus Software)


2004 – 2007


Design of large-scale compensation management reporting and analytics products


Callidus incentive management software maintains an accurate account of compensation for large sales organizations so their personnel focus on sales as opposed to the accuracy of their paycheck.

While at Callidus, I worked on products for reporting, analytics, dispute resolution, quota and bonus setting, and portfolio management.

Legacy Product Redesign

The first two products I worked on were the portal and large-scale reporting. We were tasked with reworking the infrastructure, adding new functionality and introducing a forward-looking and competitive design. It was my responsibility to create the new design, revise legacy functions and design the user experience for new functionality.

A significant aspect of this interface was introducing Web 2.0 functionality. We carefully defined which functions could easily be ported to the web without confusing the mental models of the web and the desktop.

Product Integration

The next project was adding a dashboard and integrating third-party analytics software. We modified the analytics aesthetic and navigation system so it would mimic Callidus reporting and combined reporting and analytics portlets into a single dashboard for a seamless user experience.

New Product Modeling

I was then tasked with modeling two test products for quota and bonus management. For each of these, I performed competitive research, designed potential interaction models, and created click-through prototypes.

User Interface Standards

I helped modify other Callidus products to conform to the web-based product interface standard and shared it across the organization.