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Design a system to automate loan processing


Silicon Valley Bank provides financial services to various companies in the technology, life science, private equity and premium wine markets. When I was approached, they processed loans manually, a cumbersome process prone to error. I was brought in to help create an automated loan processing application.

Primary Objectives
  • Reduce the amount of time required to manually process a loan
  • Improve accuracy through automation
  • Provide improved methods of accessing essential information throughout the loan creation process
User Interviews & Research

I interviewed employees in the loan processing department in one-on-one sessions, gathering personal accounts of the current process and individual perceptions of what they expect from an automated system. I also acquired more concrete material such as the forms that were used at that time to manually process the loans. After summarizing the interview data and sharing this information with the team, we worked on refining the requirements of the system.

Interaction Design

I created a click-through prototype for the purpose of displaying process design and usability standards, as well as supply developers with usable HTML in the automation process. I designed new application processes, refined legacy application processes and overhauled the application’s information architecture. We continued to interview loan processing personnel at various points during the design stage to help create the most user-friendly interface. I designed the look-and-feel of the application to mimic a previously released Silicon Valley Bank application, maintaining visual consistency and branding for the organization.