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Improve the customer experience for enterprise license management


With over 500K customers, many managing thousands of licenses, license key management was becoming an issue for VMware. Necessary infrastructure changes and data migrations were taking a toll on consumer experience.

I was brought in to help the Customer Service organization fix issues and improve customer satisfaction.

User Studies

I interviewed account managers for large clients to understand client history and recurring pain points. Then I led multiple usability sessions with enterprise customer segment via WebEx. We accumulated a list of issues and gained insight necessary for feature designs to address both user concerns and wishes.

VMworld Conference

For the VMworld Conference, I created a Conversation Guide to accumulate useful data from customers we talked to. At the conference, I led usability sessions with enterprise customers, validating assumptions and testing new feature designs.

After compiling the results, I presented feedback along with proposed solutions to the broader Customer Service organization. We then incorporated the feedback into feature designs.

Interaction Design

Redesigned workflows and page designs for access management tasks, specifically for the enterprise customer segment. Mapped task flow and UI designs. Reduced # clicks by roughly 35% for redesigned task flows.

Survey Data Evaluation

Evaluated survey data to track movement in My VMware customer satisfaction scores.