Sports MGMT


Sports MGMT




Revolutionize team and field management for coaches, venues, players and parents


Sports MGMT aims to revolutionize team and field management with solutions highly tailored to address the needs of coaches, venues, players, and parents. This includes scheduling, communications, reminders, performance tracking and even field scheduling optimization and performance benchmarking.

Framework Selection

To help get up and running quickly, I researched front-end frameworks extensively. I identified a framework with a broad swath of pertinent features based on my initial designs and the development requirements. I then fleshed out the screen designs and mapped them to the framework to support rapid development.

Wireframes & Information Architecture

I developed detailed wireframes to map all taskflows for each of the consumer targets, including changes in the navigation and content based on user profile. Designs were also catered to mobile environments, especially phones and tablets.

Brand & Interface Design

I developed the Sports MGMT brand, including the logo and color palette, created business cards, and ensured cohesion between brand and solution interface. I also developed the look-and-feel of the interface, including layout, menus, icons, color schemes, and dynamic elements. Design priorities included clear information at a glance and a progressive, appealing aesthetic.