Umaveda (2018)






Bring the benefits of Ayurvedic skin and hair care to a broad, savvy audience with a fresh, appealing brand as well as interactive shopping and learning experiences

Case Studies & Personas

I collected case studies of the target audience and developed personas, tying this to consumer trends.

Research & Strategy

I performed extensive research on specific target audiences, consumer trends, Ayurvedic products and ingredients, packaging and the Ayurvedic system. I also performed research on front-end and back-end platforms, as well as feature sets for similar offerings.

From this research I developed a consumer strategy, highlighting the particular strengths of the business, focusing on modern consumer audiences, and considering availability of new technologies.

Content Portal

I used a content management system (Confluence site) to house and share the wealth of data I was collecting, developing and modeling. This includes my research, case studies, user profiles, information architecture, feature designs, wireframes, user experience and brand strategy, and various designs.

Taskflow & Wireframes

I mapped out taskflows for each persona and created wireframes. These displayed the information architecture, layouts and related feature designs along with annotation.

Dynamic Prototype

I created an interactive prototype in WordPress with all primary flows in one cohesive ecosystem. This includes the website, e-commerce features, registration, sign in, and the portal for members.

Brand & Product Design

I developed a model for the overall user experience, including brand, naming conventions, bottles and packaging. This includes sample imagery, font and color specifications, new graphics, and messaging specifics.