User Experience Design

User Experience Design
Team & Project Management
Product & Visual Design
User Research
Mobile & Responsive
Brand & Messaging

Create appealing and engaging experiences for your audiences. From ideation, through research, modeling, design and implementation, I’ll help you implement an experience that users enjoy and want to share. I can accommodate the resources you have on hand and your timeline to help you release the products and features that will make you successful.

Analysis & Modeling

Ensure your resources are appropriately applied with proper research and planning. With a focus on your goals, I will make sure that features and designs support both user and business needs.

  • Heuristic evaluation of products, task flows and business processes related to UX
  • Competitive analysis to help determine the proper threshold to stay competitive
  • Mapping efficient task flows and interaction models for a variety of users
  • Wireframes, information architecture, site maps, design proposals, etc.
User Research

I am conversant with many user research models, from qualitative to quantitative, that can generate an understanding of your users and help target the most effective solutions. I can easily tailor these options to fit your needs, available resources, and schedule.

  • User Interviews
  • Usability Tests
  • Field Studies
  • Data Analysis
  • User Surveys
  • A/B Testing
  • etc.
Solution Design

Create a well thought-out and cohesive design based on a strong mental model, ease-of-use, and desired branding. I can apply knowledge of best practices, business requirements and user needs to design a compelling user experience.

  • Appealing, easy to use solutions
  • Dynamic interactions that compel the user forward
  • Compelling imagery, icons and other graphic elements
  • Responsive design (device agnostic)
  • Internationalization and localization
  • Accessible

Prototypes are a quick and cost-effective way to model user experience. I can rapidly create prototypes that model process flows and integrate layouts, verbiage, aesthetics and branding to insure a seamless solution before applying costly development resources.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Click-through experiences
  • Low and high fidelity designs

I am familiar with many flavors of Agile development and other models. I can align to your development process and ensure efficient communication, collaboration, sharing of assets, and proper execution.

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