Poezy Travelogue


Poezy.com (personal site)




Design a responsive blog with WordPress


I created this personal site to share my passion for travel, photography and vignette storytelling.

WordPress Customization

After installing WordPress at my hosted site, I selected a theme by Anders Noren, customized it to my specifications (CSS, font, layout and .php template adjustments) and integrated a map plug-in for added functionality.

Brand & Design

To help convey the purpose and perspective of the travelogue, as well as present a memorable brand, I created a site logo (Poezy.com) as well as a theme logo (A Sense of Place). The site aesthetic is intended to create a soothing, yet interesting environment to enjoy the various stories and photos. I also created multiple header background images to add a bit of dynamic interest without requiring frequent updates.

Responsive Design

Made adjustments to Ander’s theme to insure content, menus and plug-ins work seamlessly in small format and touch environments.

Business Cards

I created a set of business cards so that I can easily share the site with others.

  • Prominent web address makes the site easy to find and remember
  • Design conveys a strong correlation to the site so it’s quickly recognized
  • 23 different background designs provide a topic of conversation with anyone presented a card