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The backbone of a successful project is the resources applied to it and how those resources are managed. With dozens of successful projects under my belt, I can help you ensure the proper resources are in place and that they are set up to succeed.

Team Management

Finding the right talent and aligning resources to projects effectively can drastically change outcomes. Every environment is different and demands a unique resource model. I am accustomed to finding quality talent, managing to skill levels, project-to-designer ratios, and ensuring product awareness within teams–all critical for generating effective product solutions while achieving deadlines.

Introducing UX best practices, processes, and tools helps to reliably produce quality results. With a wealth of experience in UX across industries and types of products, I establish processes that ensure streamlined coordination and well thought-through solutions. This in turn supports efficient development, keeping building and redesign costs low.

Cultivating collaboration both within UX teams and across departments encourages positive relationships that aid partnerships between people and teams, problem-solving, and excellence in UX & Design output. I am also accustomed to managing relationships with external organizations, including Design and Development Firms, Customers, and Partners to accommodate large projects and tight release schedules.

Project Management

Balancing priorities, deadlines and key success factors is the foundation of a profitable project. I clarify the necessary threshold for the company and users to gain value, then apply that knowledge to managing priorities, tasks, and deadlines throughout the life of the project.

I set clear UX and Design goals, aligned to the organization’s business priorities, and adhere to deadlines. I also regularly convey what can be achieved in given timelines to help decision-makers. Occasionally, I will negotiate deadlines to get the best results for the company if a minimal change can bring significant reward or if the initial timeline unduly restricts the ability to achieve the expected result.

Cross-functional collaboration is another fundamental model for success. I enjoy working with others and take care to involve people throughout the life of a project, whether it’s executing a user study, designing products, or building a Design System. The feeling of shared success drives my work from start to finish.

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