Endurance International Group


Endurance International Group

(now Newfold Digital)




Redesign online commerce solution for small business owners


Endurance International Group provides web hosting and other online services to over 3 million small business customers. I was brought in to help redesign an online commerce solution for small business owners and their desktop and mobile customers.

Planning, Research & Collaboration

I performed a competitive analysis to make sure the product could compete with more established, full-featured online commerce products. I also collaborated with other teams and third parties regarding the online shopping interface and payment processing solution to achieve a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Task Flow Modeling & Interface Design

I evaluated and streamlined established task flows, designed new features, and created a cohesive and fresh interface design for small business owner administration and consumer shopping.

Responsive Design

After consulting various online sources to gather the most up-to-date statistics on mobile usage, especially regarding e-commerce, I created a targeted responsive design plan for our product. By appropriately prioritizing our targets, I knew exactly what was required for the new design. I then drew up wireframes for the product screens and carefully mapped out the purchasing process for mobile devices.